Pastabilities February 22


Oh the Pastabilities!

I have been to Pastabilities on several occasions and each time I fall in love. The atmosphere of this outwardly ostentatious eatery is a warm mixture of wine lounge, bistro, and bar with a dash of fine art gallery. Besides being able to customize any combination of pasta, protein, and cheese/veggie; Pastabilities offers a large selection of wine and desserts as well as a large selection (including vegetarian options) of classic pasta dishes with a twist. My favorite (and go to dish) would have to be the chicken on the green, a spinach fettuccine with grilled chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and a pesto cream sauce. As far as price point, this is a can’t be beat option for anyone who wants to eat well for under fifteen dollars a plate. Pastabilites definitely is a must visit location for anyone who loves starchy, creamy, pasta-goodness. Oh and did I mention they deliver?

Stop reading and go eat,
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